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RajApiaries’s means Quality in Honey Trade:

RajApiaries is the largest supplier of raw and natural honey for suppliers, exporters and retailers according to their need. In Addition to our own large base of beekeeping which provides us high quality honey, our large processing capacity gives us an edge over other honey processors in the country for bulk & retail quantity of honey. In short span RajApiaries honey has created a niche for itself and has become synonym for quality of Indian honey within India and outside India.

Source of Honey :

RajApiaries have bee hives boxes underneath which are the most important source of organic honey for supply. Honey is collected from the beekeepers and farmers directly throughout the country. For this purpose we have an extensive network of our representatives located in every major district and State of the country.

RajApiaries's Social Responsibility:

We have also been able to contribute towards the betterment of the farmers by providing them with technical training for betterment of Apiaries so good quality of honey can be produced by Our Nation.

RajApiaries’s Knowledge base:

We have our own bee-hives for R&D purposes to upgrade techniques and improve quality regularly. Besides supply raw honey in bulk we are also selling honey to local packers of honey, cosmetic & pharmaceutical companies, herbal product manufacturers, food processing units etc.

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