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Type of RajApiaries Honey Colour PFund Scale (in mm) Aroma & Taste Special Characteristics
Rapeseed / Mustard Honey White to light amber 18- 85 Characteristic taste Generally crystallized, enjoyable qualities and has a low acid content
Eucalyptus Honey From Extra light Amber to Amber 35-114 Strong taste Has a medicinal value, mostly organic in nature
Lychee Honey White to Light Amber 18 - 85 Pleasant aroma & Delicious flavor Slightly acidic in nature
Sunflower Honey Very attractive golden yellow color 35 – 85 Very pleasant flavor Reminiscent of the Sunflower Blossom
Karanj / Pongamea Honey Extra light to Light Amber 35 - 85 Very distinctive aroma and taste typical of the flower Has Medicinal value
Multi-flora Himalayan Honey varies to white to extra light amber 18 - 50 Excellent in taste High Medicinal Values
Acacia Honey almost colorless to white 9 - 34 Harmonic taste and flavor of the Acacia blossom Extremely heavy bodied
Wild Flora Honey Extra Light Amber to Amber 35 - 114 rich in aroma Rich medicinal values and organic in nature.
Multi and Mono floral Honey Available in all hues from extra light to amber 35 - 114 pleasant flavor and aroma Wide range of speciality honey

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