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Retail Honey

50 Glass Bottle
100 Glass Bottle
200 Glass Bottle, Pet Jar
500 Glass Jar, Pet Jar, Squeeze Jar
1000 Glass Jar, Pet Jar, Squeeze Jar
2000 Glass Jar , Pet Jar
5000 Glass Jar , Pet Jar

Bulk Honey

290-300 food grade epoxy coated new MS Steel barrels
5-50 food grade plastic containers


Bee-Hives Boxes The complete hive comprises: floor, brood body with ten self spacing frames and foundation, wire queen excluder, one super with ten self spacing frames and foundation, crown board, 4” roof.
Wax Sheet Pure Natural wax changed into fantastic crated comb sheet for bee's; they love to work on it. (Try and found the fantastic result on your bee hives)
Smokers The excellent smokers, made with wire heat shield and gook. Screw on bellows. Its available in stainless or galvanized steel.
Hive Tools In stainless steel we have the traditional standard tool, 10 ” long with sharpened ends, very useful for scraping top bars. The hive tool and frame lifter is also in a heavy duty type in M.S. & stainless
Propolis Screen Screen made of plastic, which can be placed in place of inner cover. The holes are such that bees cannot pass through and try to seal those with propolis. The trap is removed when full (1-5 weeks). Place the trap in a large plastic bag and freeze over night. Twist the trap inside the bag like an ice-cube tray or give it a good whack on flat surface and the propolis is released. Peak propolis production in tropical and subtropical climate should be in rainy and post-rainy season

Allied Products

Pollen Bees collect pollen from flowers. It is very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Used as food supplement and in cosmetics. We offer pollen packed in 25 kg cartons
Bees Wax Bee wax is a secretion of wax glands of worker bees of 14 to 17 days of age and used by bees for comb building. It has great use in cosmetics, food processing industry and other industries. Crude Bees wax is packed in blocks and shrink wrapped or in boxes.

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