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Honey Collection & Extraction

Bees collect honey from the flower and store in comb which is the natural process. Then beekeeper collect that honey from the combs by the help of Honey extracting machine. Then beekeeper store honey in the containers

Honey Collection

Our staff and field workers collect that honey from the beekeeper and store in go down by giving lot number on the basis of date, crop(variety of honey), field(location) and by the beekeeper name. Our staff is also provide technical knowledge to the beekeepers for betterment of society and also tell do's and don't's.


When honey come to the main depot then the honey is inspected in our well equipped laboratory in which the quality is inspected in all aspects and honey is characterized according on the quality basis. Raw Honey is now stored according to the quality basis.


Honey is processed according to the international standards. Processing facilities include flash heating and cooling units, filter presses and pumps that deliver the finished product to the settling tanks. After keeping the honey in the settling tanks for some time the honey is again tested for all parameters that should fulfill all the requirements of the purchaser of honey.


RajApiaries also packed the bottles varying from 100 gm to 5 Kg. We packed honey in containers of food grade quality.

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